How to earn credit by referring a friend to LuxTop360?

  • How does sponsorship work?

    Do you have an acquaintance who offers high-end short-term rentals or who owns a luxury hotel? So, it's very simple: copy your referral link and send it to them. You will find your referral link under "My account" then "Refer owners". When you send the link, your loved one will then become your godson, provided that they have not yet been registered on the Luxtop360 platform.

  • What is the point of this sponsorship offer?

    You will get a promotional code of 15 € on your next rental, when your godson receives his first reservation for an amount greater than 100 €, via our interface. You have the possibility to get up to 10 promotional codes under the referral program. This allows you to be able to accumulate up to € 150 for your future vacation!

    So, do not hesitate to share as much as possible on your social networks, on your site, or others, to be able to sponsor several owners.

  • Terms of use

    A referral can only have one referral.

    Only bookings with a payment made on Luxtop360 are eligible to validate the sponsorship.

    The promotional code is unlocked once the stay of the reservation is completed and can only be used once.