head in the clouds, feet in the Mediterranean sea.

The Venetian charm of the Renaissance Mixed with Austrian Baroque.

The Venetian navigators, seeing the dark pine forests running on the slopes of Mount Lovcen, baptized the country Monte Negro, the "black mount". It’s between the peaks, imposing limestone giants, that the soul of Montenegro hides (60% of the national territory is located at an altitude of more than 1,000 m). It is possible, in mid-season, to ski and swim in the sea on the same day!

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Hotel Budva

Budva - Montenegro

Hotel from $211 / night

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Traditional Montenegrin Rustic Stone Villa With Private Pool

Sutomore - Montenegro

Villa from $2,895 / night

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Luxury villa Krimovica

Krimovica - Montenegro

Villa from $1,316 / night

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Luxury Apartment with Sea View Dollaku

Bar - Montenegro

Apartment from $238 / night