Traveling after Covid-19 | Positive change in tourism

Traveling after Covid-19 | Positive change in tourism

10November, 2020
How will we travel after the coronavirus health crisis ? This is the question that many professionals in the tourism sector and travelers ask themselves. We don't know when it will be, but what is certain is that tourism will be different . We will see travel differently : slow and sustainable tourism, return to family values , the notion of pleasure , etc., will be the new guidelines for our holidays . Here is how we will travel after Covid-19 .

The slow journey

Do you know the slow voyage, also called slow tourism? This new trend that is emerging for the months, even years to come? This way of thinking about travel favors the quality of the tourist stay over quantity. No need to visit an incredible number of sites, the idea is to take the time to discover a place and to appreciate the moments of meeting with the population, nature or to quietly listen to the history of this place. We simply awaken our 5 senses: we observe, we listen, we touch, we breathe and we savor the environment that surrounds us. We are in the search of “living the present moment and appreciating it”.
Our life is going at full speed, so during the holidays: we slow down, we rest and we enjoy. It's that simple ! So how could we not adhere to this concept, after what we experienced during this pandemic?

Sustainable tourism

Closely linked to slow travel, sustainable tourism allows you to discover and immerse yourself in a culture. To enrich oneself in a human way by going to meet the inhabitants: to see how they live, what they eat, what they occupy their time, to be able to soak up the atmosphere and to fully enter these lives which are unknown to us, what wonderful experience! Like many travelers, you are likely to favor seasonal hotel rentals on your next vacation for several reasons. Surely for the peace, in the first place. But also, to immerse yourself in your new environment and satisfy this thirst for knowledge of the other. Indeed, what better than a rental to go shopping at the market and meet the local population? Or to get to know your neighbors and discover their way of life?
In line with this new trend, the Luxtop360 platform offers personalized services to allow you both to “travel slowly” and to register in sustainable tourism, such as:
  • accompaniment by a tourist guide: who will bring you closer to the endemic population, to places that you did not even suspect;
  • the skills of a chef: who will introduce you to regional products and with whom you can share the pleasures of local cuisine.

Treat yourself to the best, to spend moments with your family

One of the lessons that can be learned from this health crisis is that life is short. After this period of frustration, with months of confinement and constraints of all kinds, don't you want to spend time and different moments with your family? To have fun, to live unique experiences? The answer is probably yes, and it makes sense! It is a new component of the tourism of tomorrow. Because it is possible to combine family travel and luxury, you will make your vacation moments of pleasure, forever engraved in your memories. Imagine: a private driver is waiting for you as you get off the plane to bring you to your luxury vacation rental in Bali. You push open the doors of your villa and there you go into ecstasies in front of the plunging view on the turquoise sea. The kids put on their swimsuits and jump into the infinity pool, while you tour the house. Five rooms with ethnic and chic decoration, each with an adjoining XXL bathroom, a kitchen with all the modern comforts and a living room open to the outside. And that is just the start of your dream vacation ...
Refocusing on your family, spending unforgettable moments with your loved ones, this is the promise of the trip after Covid-19!

Flexibility and cancellation conditions

Like many vacationers during the pandemic, you may have encountered difficulty, or even an impossibility, in getting reimbursed or postponing your stay? You therefore no longer want to be faced with the same situation and you now claim the assurance of being able to modify or cancel your reservation easily. It is completely logical and it is one of the major elements which will upset the tourism of tomorrow. Professionals in the sector are well aware of this: they will have no choice but to take into account this imperative criterion in the eyes of travelers. Flexibility for seasonal rentals and clear conditions regarding cancellation and reimbursement criteria for proposed stays will therefore be required.
At Luxtop360, the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. Thus, we did not wait for this crisis to give you transparent information on our booking conditions . This so that you can travel with confidence and in full knowledge of the facts.

Practical advice for good travel after Covid-19

Even if they were applicable before the health crisis, this advice will be even more relevant after this period:
  • take the time to prepare your trip well: collect all the necessary information from official websites ( France Diplomatie , for example) concerning safety and health measures to be observed;
  • take care when booking your trips and take out insurance, which will give you the option of canceling or modifying your stay. Everyone will have understood it: it has become necessary. Gone are the days of traveling without insurance!
  • and finally, last tip, but not the least: think about yourself and your loved ones and above all, indulge yourself!
To those who ask the question: will the coronavirus crisis have had any positive? We answer, yes. This emerging new way of traveling will be beneficial for tourists, but also for the local economy of the regions visited and for the environment. The Luxtop360 platform team is already preparing for this upheaval, to offer you the best of travel, as soon as possible. Start planning for tomorrow's trip right away !