Family trip to Italy | An unforgettable memory with your children

Family trip to Italy | An unforgettable memory with your children

28October, 2020
Do you want to go to Italy? We take you to the north and center of the country to spend a dream vacation with your loved ones. The homeland of pasta and pizza is an ideal destination to taste la dolce vita and discover places that will appeal to children and adults alike. Here is our selection of the must-see places to visit during your family trip to Italy.

Our tips in Rome during your family stay

The Italian capital is a must-see if you are spending your holidays in Italy, moreover with children!

Trevi Fountain

While in Rome, stop at the Trevi Fountain. And if you can, go there in the evening. The famous baroque fountain is then illuminated and you will meet a lot less people. Why do children love this place? For the famous tradition of putting your back to the fountain and throwing two coins in the water: one to make a wish and the other to be sure to return to Rome one day.

The Colosseum: another must-see

A little tip to avoid waiting hours at the cash desks: buy your tickets in advance on the Internet (you can cancel them up to 24 hours before the visit).
This amphitheater is impressive (its capacity was 80,000 spectators). Imagine yourself with your children at the time of the Romans, in front of a gladiatorial fight, a release of beasts and even naval jousts (the arenas could give way to pools!).
To stay in the atmosphere of the Colosseum, why not invite your dear darlings to turn into gladiators for an afternoon? To do this, take them to the school of the Roman Gladiators. They will dress up, fight and learn most of the life of these Romans in a fun way. They will love it! In the evening, you can even attend a gladiatorial show.

The visit to the catacombs

It is the ideal place if you go to Rome in summer, because it is cool there. On Via Appia Antica you can visit the catacombs of Saint Sebastian and Saint Callixte. Mazes of underground cemeteries where the graves of the first Christian popes are located. Your little ones will be shivering, but nothing too scary, don't worry!
Outside, rent bikes for a pleasant ride along Via Appia Antica.

Spend your holidays in Italy and enjoy Tuscany

Because Tuscany is not only Pisa, Florence and Siena, think outside the box to visit this magnificent region of the Italian boot. Indeed, you will be able to mix culture and excursions in nature, for simple family vacations and far from the crowds.

San Leo Castle

It will be a wonderful memory for your children. This fortress dating from the Middle Ages was originally a prison where the Count of Cagliostro was held in the 18th century, accused of black magic. It is possible to visit his cell and it is said that the guards were so superstitious and scared of him that they did not want to approach him or look him in the eye. You will also be able to enter the terrifying torture room, where there are many machines, with drawings explaining how these devices were used ...

The village of Anghiari

This medieval village, perched on a hill, is beautiful and will transport you back in time. Here, rest is assured, calm reigns and you will have the impression of feeling alone in the world, in alleys steeped in history. The place is little known by tourists and cars are not allowed to circulate. In the evening, outdoor shows are organized and if you come on a Wednesday, you will have the pleasure of enjoying the weekly market.
Leave the village and go for a walk in the surrounding countryside. Nature is preserved and you may have the chance to observe wild animals such as deer, wild boar, or even wolves.

The Tarot Garden

If you want to do an original activity with your children during your stay in Italy, you have to go to the Jardin des Tarots! Located in Garavicchio, in the province of Capalbio, this unique place imagined and created by the artist Niki de Saint Phalle, will delight young and old alike. Gaudí's Park Güell in Barcelona inspired the artist who spent more than twenty years (from 1975 to 1998) to develop and stage these impressive and very colorful sculptures. During your walk, you will discover with wonder 22 divinatory cards from the tarot deck: the Madman, the Magician, the Sun, Death, the High Priestess, the Devil, etc. Leave room to your imagination, in this magical place, sometimes strange and above all fanciful. Niki de Saint Phalle wanted a "place that will delight the eyes and the heart", the bet is successful!
The park is perfectly located: in about 15 minutes by car, you will be by the sea. Along the coast, you will find beautiful beaches, such as La Torba, in Capalbio, which is ideal for the little ones.

The Cinque Terre region for a successful family trip to Italy

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these five fishing villages, nestled in superb coves, seem to have stood still in time. Between breathtaking views, medieval fortresses, tasting of local dishes and pebble beaches as beautiful as in Croatia , the whole family will be delighted.


To the north of this region, there is first of all Monterosso. Although it is the largest village, it is pleasant to discover with the family. Its two large beaches and its garden with slides and swings are perfect for children. Do not miss the Capuchin Fathers Church, from which you will enjoy a spectacular view of the other four villages of the five lands.
It is also possible to rent kayaks to visit the Cinque Terre National Park in a fun and original way, starting from Monterosso.


Going down to the south, you will then find Vernazza, voted the most beautiful village in the Cinque Terre. The architecture of this village is typical of the Liguria region: it consists of medieval ruins, very old churches, arcades and defensive towers. From the remains of the castle and more particularly the Doria tower, you will enjoy a splendid view. You can admire the whole village and its main street, which goes down to the port. To access the unique, but charming, pebble beach, you will have to take a tunnel dug in the rocky mass of Doria.


It is the only village in the Cinque Terre not connected to the sea. It was built on top of a hill and to reach it you will have to climb the 382 steps of the "Lardarina". But do not worry, if you do not want to tire your cherubs with this climb, you can take a shuttle that will take you directly to the heart of the city. In this village, which is the least popular with tourists, go to peace and authenticity. Linger at the table of one of the many restaurants in the circular square, enjoy the Italian sweetness of life and taste the local cuisine.


Further south is Manarola. It would be the oldest village of the five lands, and also the most photographed. Its typical houses in all colors that descend to the port, its mill and its church of San Lorenzo, will ensure you take wonderful shots.
If you go to Manarola in December, you will have the chance to see the largest crib in the world (it is in fact listed in the Guinness Book of Records). Made up of more than 300 life-size subjects scattered throughout the vineyards, the entire hill is illuminated, thanks to a photovoltaic system. It is a fairytale spectacle that awaits you. Your children will be amazed!


This is the last village that you will discover, if you have started your excursion from the north. Here, culture is present at the Museum of Memory, located on the main street. You will discover the traditions, culture and the origin of the architectural heritage of this region.
To have a splendid view of the houses and the sea, you will have to climb a few steps to reach the castle of Riomaggiore. It was built in the 13th century on the rocky outcrop, to allow the inhabitants to take refuge during pirate attacks.
Finally, taste the best pizzas of Cinque Terre, queens of Italian gastronomy, in one of the restaurants hidden in the alleys.

For a successful family vacation in Italy, the choice of accommodation is also essential. Choose a luxury vacation rental, where each member of the family will have their own room and where you can relax in the pool or in a spa, after a long day of sightseeing. On our Luxtop360 platform, we also offer services dedicated to the family: childcare equipment, housekeeper and home chef, so as not to have to worry about household chores and thus make the most of your loved ones. Finally, a private driver will take you directly to the places of visit, without you having to worry about routes or finding parking. Contact us quickly: we will help you prepare a family trip to Italy that will be remembered forever!