Why travel to Bali: the 6 reasons that will make you love this country

Why travel to Bali: the 6 reasons that will make you love this country

28September, 2020
For your future vacation, you have already chosen your destination: it will be Bali, also called "the island of the gods". Located in the south of Indonesia, the westernmost of the small Sunda Islands will amaze you! Whether you go there for the sacred temples, the rice terraces, the excursions in the jungle, the paradisiac beaches, or simply the sweetness and the kindness of the Balinese, you will not be disappointed. Find out why traveling to Bali is going to make you love this country for sure!

1 - Walk in the rice terraces of Jatiluwih

This site, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, bears its name perfectly since its Balinese translation is "truly wonderful". What makes this place so exceptional and what has earned it this appellation? Perhaps its breathtaking view to the far south of the island? Or the peaceful atmosphere that reigns there? Anyway, by visiting these rice terraces located in the center of the island, you will learn more about the Balinese subak (ecological irrigation systems) and the place of rice in Balinese culture. This green landscape is a true haven of peace.

2 - Discover the sacred temples

In Indonesia, one can visit a multitude of Hindu temples and Bali is no exception. On this island blessed by the gods, places of worship are the scene of many spiritual retreats. You won't be able to visit them all, but here are a few worth checking out:
  • the temple of Unlun Danu Beratan. His particuliarity ? With its 11 eleven roofs superimposed on its meru (carved wooden tower), this temple is located in the middle of Lake Bratan. It is therefore logical that this building is dedicated to the goddess of water;
  • Saraswati temple: built in the center of Ubud, you have to cross a magnificent lotus pool to reach it. The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior, thanks to its gilding and magnificent sculptures;
  • the Uluwatu temple: one could call it the perched temple, since it was built at the top of a cliff, which makes this building a curiosity in its own right;
  • the Tirta Empul temple: the singularity of this place of spirituality is its sacred water basin, with its 13 fountains. The Balinese, but also tourists, indulge in a purification ritual (the "melukat"), passing under each flow of water, in a very specific order.

3 - Recharge your batteries in the Munduk region

For nature lovers, to find tranquility or just to spend a few moments off the beaten track, go to the Munduk region.
In this small town, preserved from mass tourism, you will meet a welcoming and smiling population. You will discover the local specialty: cloves and can eat in warungs, which are small Indonesian restaurants.
In the surroundings, you will have the opportunity to make excursions in the forest and to observe the pretty waterfalls of Laagan and Melanting. You will also see beautiful rice terraces and Balinese curious to meet tourists!

4 - Discover Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali

During your stay on "the island of the gods", do not ignore the city of Ubud and its surroundings, which are full of cultural, spiritual, architectural, artisanal and other riches. Located in the interior of the island, this land of traditions is one of the most interesting regions and its inhabitants are very welcoming.

In the early morning, start by shopping. Nothing better to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a country than to stroll through the markets. Ubud's one is full of promise. It's a layering of colors and flavors! He exudes good humor and kindness. You will start your day on a high note ...

Take a detour through the Monkey forest, south of Ubud. It is a sanctuary housing 3 very old temples and above all, hordes of crab-eating macaques. It's everywhere. They climb on tourists and don't hesitate to steal the bags, but they are so cute!

Also take the time to take the Campuhan Ridge Walk. This small paved path is easily passable and will lead you to the typical village of Bangkian Sidem. You can admire nature and enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley.

In the evening, the city's temples turn into stages for Balinese dance performances. This is the opportunity to discover part of the local culture. These performances, which bring together many dancers and singers, are quite impressive to see.

5 - Enjoy the idyllic beaches

We also come to Bali for its sumptuous beaches ...

If you want privacy, Gunung Payung Beach is the place to go. Tranquility is won! Indeed, access to this beach is laborious, since it is necessary to descend a steep staircase. But once there, you will not regret it: you will have the feeling of being alone in the world. It is the ideal place if you are traveling with your partner. Here, the sea is not rough and the turquoise waters are perfect for snorkeling.

Balangan beach is the perfect place for surfing enthusiasts. It is a wild beach, bordered by cliffs and surrounded by green vegetation. You can also practice your favorite sport at Bingin Beach, which is accessible after descending many steps.

Bali is the right destination for diving, whether in PMT (Fins-Mask-Tuba) or in a bottle. If you are a fan of the latter, know that you will be able to dive off Tulamben, on the wreck of the USS Liberty (American vestige of the First World War) or to discover the coral garden (rehabilitation project of the coral, following the El Nino climatic phenomenon).

Jemuluk Beach, a black sand beach in the far east of the island, is a real aquarium. Known for its multicolored coral beds and its multitude of fish, you will enjoy the aquatic spectacle, only with your mask and your snorkel.

6 - Take advantage of traveling to Bali to make an excursion to the island of Nusa Penida

Allow yourself a day to explore this island, located an hour by ferry or 30 minutes by speed boat from Bali, from Sanur or Padang Bai.
There are many reasons to go to Nusa Penida:
  • discover the culture of algae, in Semaya, the last village to cultivate this plant;
  • swim with manta rays, the devil of the seas, at Manta Point;
  • snorkel in Crystal Bay to meet the largest fish in the ocean, the sunfish (the “mola mola”);
  • enjoy the nature which offers grandiose landscapes: spectacular limestone cliffs, but also postcard beaches, such as Kelingking, where access is unusual to say the least;
  • the Seganing waterfall;
  • learn more about the craft: you can admire the work of the weavers at the local Tanglad cooperative;
  • explore the Pura Dalem, Pura Batu Medahu, Pura batu Kuning temples, but also Goa Giri Putri, which is an underground temple located in Karangsari, in the northeast of the island;

Bali will bewitch you. During your holidays, you will be able to practice a multitude of activities, to make visits, or quite simply to rest. The followers of nature, culture, spirituality, sport will be won over. To complete your stay, why not treat yourself to an upscale villa? Whether you are with your family, as a couple, or on your own, indulge yourself and book exceptional accommodation among the many luxury seasonal rentals on the Luxtop360 platform ! You can lounge in the swimming pool of a sumptuous villa, enjoy the breathtaking view from your terrace or be pampered, thanks to the personalized services. Thus, traveling to Bali will leave you with unforgettable memories ...