What to do during your stay in Greece?

What to do during your stay in Greece?

18September, 2020


The capital of Greece is one of the world’s richest archaeological sites. This ancient city abounds in vestiges and ancient monuments that bear witness to its past glory. You will be able to visit the ancient citadel of the Acropolis, perched atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the city. You will also have a chance to discover some of the city’s ancient temples, including the famous Parthenon.

Athens is also home to many fascinating museums such as the Byzantine Museum, where you can learn more about this country’s rich history. Take a moment to stroll the neighborhoods of Psirri or Plaka, where you can appreciate all the authenticity of Greek culture and taste delicious local specialties.

If you’re on your way to visit Greece, don’t miss a trip to Athens: an absolute must-see!



Nicknamed the “island of the gods,” Crete is the country’s largest island. It is also one of the must-see places while you visit Greece. This island alone seems to concentrate all the qualities that make this country so charming: a sunny, mild climate, and extraordinarily diverse landscapes. Take advantage of your stay in Crete to visit the capital Heraklion, an ancient archaeological site.
Take the time to explore the beach of Balos, the canyons of the Samaria Gorge, the port of Agios Nikolaos, or the fortress of Rethymnon. You are bound to bring back unforgettable memories from these splendid places to discover in Crete.

The Meteora

The site of Meteora is located in the heart of the country, near the small town of Kalambaka. As stunning as it is picturesque, this place appears to be coming straight out of a painter's imagination. Orthodox monasteries stand at the top of impressive natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders eroded by time. Some of these religious edifices are accessible to the public.

To visit some of these exceptional sites and get a chance to contemplate ancient works of art, prepare yourself to have to climb many steps. The highest monastery, nicknamed the Monastery of the Great Meteoron, rises at more than 600 meters above sea level.



The ancient ruins of Delphi compose an archaeological site listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Located on Mount Parnassus and nestled in the heart of the hills, this sanctuary houses in its center the Temple of Apollo. Legend has it that the temple was the seat of Pythia, the oracle of Delphi.

During antiquity, Delphi was known for hosting the Pythian Games every 4 years. The site is also home to the ancient theater of Delphi, dating back to the fourth century BC. The theater would often host performances and recitals in honor of Apollo and Dionysus in front of 5,000 spectators.


Among the more than 9,000 islands that make up Greece, Corfu is one of the most famous. The second-largest of the Ionian islands, it islocated at the western end of the country. Known for its traditional religious festivals, the island boasts magnificent lush green landscapes.

Are you looking for a change of scenery? Are you in search of authenticity? Corfu is your ideal Greek destination. Thankfully, this idyllic island has managed to stay away from the most touristy routes. Besides, you will be able to enjoy thetypical hospitality Greek people are known for.



Located in the Peloponnesus region, Olympia was historically one of the country’s wealthiest places. Its name comes from Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, a domain of the gods. Primarily dedicated to Zeus, Olympia was a major religious sanctuary of ancient Greece.

Olympia is also the birthplace of the Olympic Games, which were first introduced more than 3,000 years ago. Many vestiges of this time can still be admired today, such as the Temple of Zeus or the workshop of Phidias. Olympia is also home to a museum housing a collection of the most beautiful relics found during on-site archaeological excavations.


The region of Zagori is located in the Pindos mountains in Epirus, in northwestern Greece. Nature lovers who visit Greece are bound to fall in love with Zagori’s beautiful scenery. Composed of a diverse mountainous landscape, the area is blessed with an eyeful of gorges, lakes, forests, and traditional age-old villages.

Offering a range of sports activities, the region is also a favorite of hiking or rafting aficionados. You’ll find many beautiful trails to discover all the richness of Zagori’s landscape on foot. Even beginners will be able to raft their way down the Voïdomatis river and enjoy the Vikos gorges from a new perspective.



That’s it for our selection of the must-sees of Greece! Of course, you won't be able to visit them all during your first trip to Greece, but it will hopefully help you make a shortlist of the places you want to discover. Have a nice trip!