What are travelers expecting from their next vacation?

What are travelers expecting from their next vacation?

27April, 2021
Are you a luxury vacation rental owner wondering what travelers are looking for on their next vacation? Do you want to optimize your offer by best meeting the wishes of future holidaymakers? The Luxtop360 team has thought about the question and gives you some advice to best satisfy travelers as soon as tourism resumes.

Impeccable hygiene conditions

With the global Covid-19 crisis, the minimum a traveler expects from their place of stay is absolute cleanliness. Our team has set up a strict protocol for the owners , to allow your guests to spend a holiday in peace.
Whether before their arrival or after their departure, it is necessary that the maintenance agents apply a process of cleaning and disinfection in accordance with the standards recommended by the health authorities. Certification of the products used, ventilation of the premises, disinfection of all surfaces, household linen and crockery, are all precautions that must be implemented in all accommodation.
By booking through our platform, holidaymakers will therefore have the certainty of entering and staying in a perfectly healthy environment.

Do not forget to update your ad, to inform your tenants of all the means implemented to receive them in the best conditions. Use an introductory sentence such as: “Specific cleaning and disinfection measures are put in place between each reservation in this accommodation, due to the coronavirus pandemic.” Then, detail all the information concerning the precautions you take for the health of your hosts in the description of your accommodation. Future vacationers will be very sensitive to it and it will give them confidence.

Have a safe holiday

In addition to hygienic conditions, travelers need to be reassured about the possibilities of respecting barrier gestures and the privacy of the premises.
To attract tenants, remember to specify:
  • the possibility of having a private entrance;
  • the absence of neighbors;
  • distance from other dwellings;
  • if your accommodation has equipment (swimming pool, jacuzzi, garden, or other): the exclusivity of these;
  • if your accommodation is collective: that you have set up directions of movement, that common places are only used by a maximum number of people at a time, that they are ventilated very regularly;
  • that you offer delayed arrivals and departures, in order to prevent tenants from crossing paths;
  • that regular maintenance of the premises can be stopped during their stay, in order to reduce contact, if they so wish;
  • etc.

Also remember to highlight additional services, which avoid proximity to other people, such as:
  • a private driver: who exempts tourists from having to use public transport;
  • a home chef: to allow your guests to enjoy a delicious meal, without having to go to a restaurant;
  • and others.

In summary, all the elements making it possible to confirm the absence of contact, or very limited contact, should be brought to the attention of Internet users. These are little extras, which can set you apart from other rentals, so let us know!

Adapted booking conditions

Currently, last minute bookings are the most common. And for good reason: we do not know if we will be able to move from one day to the next! Most vacationers rent a few days in advance. As an owner, you therefore need to be flexible and responsive.

First of all, make sure your reservation calendar is up to date. And if your accommodation is on several booking platforms, that all your calendars are well synchronized. This will save you headaches, emergencies or overbooking.

Also check that all the useful information is up to date (payment conditions, check-in / check-out times, available equipment, etc.). At the last minute, vacationers can't waste time, they scan the ads in seconds. So if a potential customer has to linger on your ad to look for information or ask you questions, they are likely to give up their search and look for another rental. It would be a shame to miss a reservation because information is missing from your ad!

In addition, adapt your cancellation conditions. Vacationers expect owners to offer flexible cancellation terms. They can book while keeping in mind that it is possible to postpone their stay, in the event of government measures limiting travel.

Make the most of their stay

One final thought about travelers' expectations, and perhaps the most important: they want to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Everyone is fed up with preventive and restrictive measures. Everyone dreams of freedom now! Get together with family, friends or just in love and enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. Travelers want to travel, vacationers yearn for vacations, in short, tourists expect their next stay to be restful, exotic, sporty, festive, luxurious and much more!

So allow them to take advantage and highlight all the additional services you can offer them . Does your home have baby equipment? Parents will thank you for not having to move the whole house! Is your prestigious seasonal rental equipped with a spa, an infinity pool or a sauna? Apologize for it. Do you offer home delivery of fresh produce? This will surely reassure your future tenants that they will not have to shop in crowded stores.

In short, present your property from the best angle and praise its assets, so that Internet users can realize the exceptional stay that awaits them in your luxury vacation rental. Travelers want to escape, show them that they will find it in your accommodation!

The tourism sector has undergone many upheavals in recent months and it is necessary to adapt to current conditions. Our recommendations certainly require a lot of work, but they are essential if you want to be able to rent your property again, as soon as possible. The entire Luxtop360 team is at your side to help you overcome this difficult course. We are available to answer all your questions and provide you with all the advice you need for your success. We strive to fully satisfy travelers and owners. And as soon as travel becomes possible, why not treat yourself to a few vacations as well?