Holidays by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside: what to choose?

Holidays by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside: what to choose?

12April, 2021
Do you dream of sunbathing, water sports and hot sand? Unless you prefer green pastures, skiing and raclette evenings? Or do you want to take long walks in nature and relax? For your future stay, you hesitate between a holiday by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside, because each destination has its advantages and disadvantages. The Luxtop360 team helps you make a choice and allows you to make your vacation dream come true.

Spend your holidays by the sea

Imagine yourself in the sun, lying on the beach or strolling off the coast ... The sea is an ideal destination for combining relaxation and sporting activities. For lovers, family or friends, the seaside has many assets for successful holidays.

Why go to the sea?

Because this destination has many advantages. If you go with your family, you will be able to: jump in the waves with your children, play beach rackets, or even fall back into childhood and make sandcastles with them.
With friends: experience big game fishing, play a game of beach volleyball, try out the towed buoy then have a party on the beach or enjoy the busy streets, until the end of the night.
As a couple, practice water sports (jet ski, paddle, kayak, ...), take a boat trip or sip a cocktail, with the setting sun as a backdrop.
Going to the sea is also an opportunity to:
  • read for long hours on your beach towel;
  • refuel with energy and vitamin D;
  • taste seafood or fish caught a few hours ago;
  • and many other activities.
And if in addition, you go outside the summer periods, long walks on the deserted beaches are yours!

But seaside holidays also have some disadvantages ...

In summer, temperatures can quickly rise and the heat is sometimes stifling. The sun is beating hard and combined with the reverberation of the water, beware of sunburn and sunstroke!
If you don't like crowds, the seaside in high season is not for you. Beach towels glued to each other and crowds in the markets will be your daily lot. And the rest will not be assured ...
Finally, it is common that certain activities, catering, and others, see their price increase during periods of high attendance.

Stay in the mountains

You are sure to love the mountains, whatever the season. On the highest peaks, you will be closer to nature and can enjoy the calm. So, what will make you choose this destination?

What are the advantages of spending your holidays in the mountains?

Whether in summer or winter, the mountain has many assets to seduce you.
Of course, we most often think of the mountains in the winter season. What a pleasure to indulge in the joys of downhill skiing, Nordic walking, snowshoeing, or even sledding with your children! In the evening, once you are comfortably warm in your luxury vacation rental, you can share a good meal with your family. This is the opportunity to taste raclette, fondue and other mountain specialties.
The mountains in summer are good too! First of all, because this destination is much less crowded than the seaside, so peace and relaxation are yours, far from the crowds of seaside resorts. In addition, during a heat wave, you will be delighted to be cool. Finally, you can practice many outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, rafting, canyoning, tree climbing, visiting natural parks, ... And you will have plenty of time to admire glaciers, high-altitude lakes, or even the mountain flora and fauna.

The negative points of the mountain

In winter, some ski resorts can be crowded, and the queues for the ski lifts can be very long.
In summer, you won't enjoy the gentle sound of the waves, the hot sand under your feet, or the pleasure of swimming in warm water. In addition, the weather can be capricious, with thunderstorms sometimes sudden and violent.

Deciding on a holiday in the countryside

The countryside is synonymous with a return to basics, to the simple things in life, to nature. It is an ideal table for your future stay with family, couple or friends, don't you think?

The advantages of a holiday in the countryside

The countryside evokes nature, wide open spaces and serenity. If you choose to go to the countryside for your next vacation, you will have the pleasure of making lots of great discoveries. Visit the small villages, learn more about the architecture of the monuments, about the culture and the local specialties. Take advantage of your stay to visit farms and taste the local cuisine. Admire the varied landscapes of the surrounding countryside: the hills, the vast plains, the different cultures. Take walks in the forest or in the fields. Practice extraordinary activities, such as donkey rides, participate in local craft workshops. And sleep in typical lodgings of the region. In short, you will not have time to get bored during your stay in the countryside. And if you want to rest, it's possible too!

Staying in the countryside: the disadvantages

If you want to party and see people, maybe the countryside is not the place to be. Apart from the village festivals (very nice, moreover), you will not find much entertainment there.
Given that the spaces are vast and that not all places are necessarily served by public transport, it will be difficult to get around if you do not have a means of transport. Unless you want to do dozens of kilometers on foot or by bike!

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