Safe travel | Luxtop360 thinks of everything for your health

Safe travel | Luxtop360 thinks of everything for your health

22March, 2021
Travel, everyone dreams of it! But what to do with the global Covid-19 pandemic? Respect for barrier gestures, wearing a mask, washing hands, disinfecting, ventilating the premises and others, are all hygiene standards to be respected whether at home or on vacation. This is the price to pay to be able to afford a little good time… We will explain to you how the Luxtop360 team takes all the necessary precautions so that you can travel in complete safety.

The owners' commitment to allow you to travel in complete safety

The owners of accommodation offered on the Luxtop360 platform have precise instructions to allow you to spend a holiday in complete serenity, without being afraid of being infected by the coronavirus. We know that your comfort is directly linked to the cleanliness of your home. A strict protocol has therefore been put in place and is scrupulously respected by the owners, in order to prevent the spread of the disease. It consists of a complete sanitation of the entire dwelling.

What are the principles of this intense cleaning and disinfection protocol?

1 - The maintenance agents must first of all protect themselves. Throughout the cleaning, they wear a mask and disposable gloves, work clothes that are washed every day, and possibly a disposable gown and a cap.

2 - The cleaning products, and in particular the disinfectant, are certified for the elimination of germs and viruses.

3 - The accommodation is ventilated before and during cleaning, in order to purify the air.

4 - All surfaces, floors, worktops are cleaned (that is to say vacuumed, swept, dusted, washed, etc.) before being disinfected. This is so that the disinfection is as effective as possible.

5 - Linen and dishes are washed at high (even very high) temperature.

6 - Particular attention is paid to sensitive surfaces such as door handles, switches, taps, remote controls and others. Indeed, these are surfaces at high risk of contamination, which are regularly touched and on which germs can be found in large numbers. They are cleaned with a disinfectant spray that is left to act for several minutes, then dried (according to the instructions on the product).

7 - Once the cleaning and disinfection process is complete, the staff change gloves before making the beds, arranging the welcome kits, the cleaning kits and all the equipment intended for holidaymakers.

8 - The accommodation is ventilated at least a quarter of an hour before the arrival of travelers.

9 - All personnel protective equipment (mask, gloves, overcoat, charlotte) are discarded after each intervention in an accommodation.

What special precautions are taken for non-individual accommodation, such as guest house, hotel room, etc. ?

The owners of these accommodations have the following instructions:
  • limit access to common areas and materialize the directions of movement;
  • clean and disinfect common places (eg toilets), very regularly;
  • ventilate these spaces as often and for as long as possible;
  • reduce the number of travelers, in order to avoid as much as possible that they do not pass each other in the premises, or at least that they can respect physical distancing.

The gestures that you must respect during your stay, as a traveler

Because health and safety must be a priority and are everyone's business, you are asked to follow the health instructions to the letter.

Before your trip

It is recommended that you find out about the government measures applicable to each country. You will find them on the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs .

Moreover, if you are a person said to be “at risk” (person over 70 years old, pregnant woman, or suffering from a pathology such as hypertension, diabetes, morbid obesity, etc.), It is necessary that you consult a health professional, before any trip.

During your stay

The following health rules are in force:
  • wearing a mask is compulsory in common areas and when interacting with other people;
  • respect for physical distancing: stay at least 2 m from others;
  • wash your hands regularly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. If this is not possible (outside your home, for example), use hydroalcoholic gel (containing at least 60% alcohol) to disinfect your hands before and after touching an object, a door handle, etc. ;
  • if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have contracted the virus: do not leave your accommodation and do not allow anyone in. Please inform the owner of the premises, so that he can protect himself before the meticulous disinfection of the accommodation, when you leave.

We also remind our guests that parties and gatherings (family, friends, professionals, religious or others) are strictly prohibited in the accommodation offered on the Luxtop360 platform, during the health crisis.

Luxury seasonal rentals: the perfect places for a serene vacation

Having your own home away from the crowds is Luxtop360's promise. Our team is doing everything to ensure your safety and comfort, especially in this period of a global pandemic. All the requirements inherent in health measures and safety principles are carefully observed in each of the luxury vacation rentals. Thus, we offer you:
  • arrival without contact or with the sole owner, while respecting physical distancing and wearing a mask;
  • private rentals, far from popular places and where you will not meet dozens of travelers;
  • huge outdoor spaces in many villas, where you will have space and where you can relax in peace.

This difficult health crisis for all is hampering travel. But it doesn't prevent you from taking a few days off and staying close to home. It is important for morale to continue living and to allow yourself moments of pleasure. Luxtop360 is there for that. We support you in your quest for a vacation, allowing you to travel in complete safety. Keep traveling, keep having a good time! Many luxury seasonal rentals await youon our platform!