Telework and travel: the winning duo for the coming months

Telework and travel: the winning duo for the coming months

24February, 2021
The Covid-19 crisis will have forced us to review everything we do, whether in our private life, as in our profession. But it will not have brought all bad. Indeed, it has forced us to be resilient and to reinvent ourselves. And work was no exception. While before this global pandemic, teleworking was a bit marginal, it is now becoming widespread. And some of us will have seen the opportunity to combine telework and travel. Will this winning duo be popular in the future? What are its advantages and how can you make the most of this new way of working?

What are the advantages of combining teleworking and travel?

Do you know the term workation? This anglicism comes from the words work (work) and vacation (vacation). This very recent concept allows you both to exercise your professional activity while traveling. This trend formerly reserved for digital nomads, is now becoming accessible to all (or almost!).

A new way of working

With the global coronavirus pandemic, telecommuting has exploded. It is even the way of working that is preferred in many countries. So, even if it means no longer going to work, you might as well work from where you want. Why not go to the seaside, to the mountains, to visit family or friends who live in another region or another country? In short, with teleworking, you can carry out your activity from anywhere. Have you always dreamed of traveling the roads of your country? To spend several weeks at the hotel? Or take a tour in Europe? With teleworking, it is possible. And what's more, you won't even need to take any days off!

But be careful (because, yes, there is always a but!), When working from home, you are not on vacation. Rigor is therefore essential: it is necessary to impose a work rhythm and schedules dedicated to your professional tasks. So think carefully before you go into exile on the other side of the world: whether under the coconut palms or at the foot of the ski slopes, there are many temptations and working is all the more difficult! But what a pleasure to go for a dip in crystal clear water or to do some slaloms after a hard day's work ...

A new way to travel

Understanding the journey differently is what workation allows us to do. Can't take a vacation? This is no longer a problem: you can combine teleworking and travel, in agreement with your superior, if necessary.

Following the Covid-19 health crisis and the collapse of the tourist economy, some governments have implemented special visas to attract teleworkers to their countries. This is the case, for example, in Dubai, Thailand, Mexico and even Bermuda, which were among the first countries to allow teleworkers to settle for a long time, while taking advantage of local folklore. Nations that we had never heard of were also able to achieve an excellent marketing operation. Indeed, do you know how to locate Antigua and Barbuda on a map? Well, thanks to telecommuting, these islands have given themselves a name and notoriety that they could not have hoped for before the global coronavirus pandemic. Quite recently, Croatia rolled out the red carpet for teleworkers in order to boost its economy.

In short, more and more countries are offering this innovative winning duo. And it is a safe bet that these new visas could last after the Covid-19 crisis and give us the opportunity to continue to telecommute and travel at the same time.

What should you think about before going to telecommute abroad?

We are not going to lie to each other: this is not the time for traveling abroad. Closed borders, established quarantines, nothing facilitates our departures to distant horizons for the moment… But when you have the opportunity to go to telework in another country, here are some tips which will be very useful to you.
  1. First, check all the information (health and safety conditions, necessary administrative documents and others) for entering the country you wish to go to. You will find all the news updated daily on an authority site, such as that of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs , for example.
  2. Make sure the internet is good. It is a sine qua non condition for working from abroad. Do not wait to arrive on site, to realize that you will not be able to exercise ...
In addition, check that the wifi network is secure and that malicious people will not have access to your personal and / or professional data. If you are not sure if this is the case, plan a VPN (virtual private network) software. You can then browse the web safely.
  1. Check with your telephone operator to adapt your smartphone package to the country you are going to and the use you are going to make of your mobile. Also think about the time difference before calling your customers, your boss, your colleagues or your collaborators, to avoid any disappointment!
  2. Remember to make sure you are properly insured before you go. Health coverage is very important, especially in this period very affected by the disease. You will also need to insure your equipment (computer, telephone) in case of theft, loss or breakage. In short, don't skimp on insurance, because you might regret it ...

Why choose Luxtop360 for teleworking?

Our luxury vacation rental platform is the ideal partner, allowing you to telecommute while traveling. How? 'Or' What ? By offering you the possibility of renting an exceptional property, while benefiting from additional services suitable for workation. What are the advantages of our interface?

Feel good, in suitable accommodation for work

Do you dream of lounging, while working, by a swimming pool? Or to type on your computer, with the sea in the background? Unless you are looking for the peace of the countryside, to be able to recharge your batteries after a day of work? With Luxtop360, you have the choice between hundreds of rentals, in which teleworking, rest and leisure will be possible.
When you are on vacation, accommodation is not always the priority, but if you have to work there for 8 hours in a row, then it becomes essential. Each accommodation offered on our platform has its advantages and, depending on your needs and the configuration of the premises, you will be comfortable to exercise your professional activity. In addition, if you come with your children, most of the rentals offered on our platform have a large surface area and several rooms. It is the perfect solution, which will allow you to isolate yourself and concentrate if necessary.

Work in peace

Thanks to the additional services, you don't have to worry about a thing. Have a substitute for daily chores, such as cleaning and cooking. Don't worry about transportation, whether it's airport transfers or getting around during your stay. A private driver can take care of it.
If you are traveling with your family, you can even benefit from a babysitting service.
The owners of rental properties on our platform and our team make every effort to ensure that you can work in the best possible conditions.

The possibility of long-term telecommuting is becoming more and more real, and the future looks bright for anyone who can travel and set up their office anywhere. Luxtop360 accompanies you in this new adventure. So, do not hesitate to make your choice among the multitude of luxury vacation rentals offered on our platform now. Take the plunge too and travel while working!