Additional luxury services for an exceptional trip

Additional luxury services for an exceptional trip

08February, 2021
Have you ever dreamed of going on a trip and not worrying about anything ? Yes ? So, read this article, it will interest you for sure! Housekeeping , chef , airport transfers , tourist guide , etc.: our team puts your comfort and well-being at the center of its priorities. We wanted to provide you with quality services that will simplify your life and make your holidays unforgettable . In addition to high-end equipment , here are the type of additional luxury services that owners of the Luxtop360 platform can offer you.

For your trips: useful services


Airport transfers

After a long plane trip, you are tired and all you want is to get to your rental as soon as possible, to rest and start your vacation! In order to avoid long minutes of waiting, you can benefit from airport transfers. You get off the plane, pick up your suitcase, get into the vehicle and go straight to your vacation rental. You will be able to enjoy your stay more quickly! And on the day of departure, you will also have the chance to enjoy your vacation until the last minute ...

Private driver

We know that traveling, especially in a foreign country, can be a source of anxiety: we do not know the roads, the way of driving locals, we do not always understand the signs and we are afraid of not finding a place where to park. This is why some owners offer you a private driver service. No more stress of traveling during the holidays, you will finally move around in peace!

Car rental

If you prefer to be autonomous for all your trips, then car rental is the ideal formula. Arrange with the owner of your accommodation to collect your vehicle directly at the airport, at the train station, at a car rental agency, in front of your accommodation or any other place. It's the perfect service to get you where you want and at your own pace. If you want to leave very early in the morning or come back in the middle of the night, no problem! With a car rental, you have no constraints and you will feel free.

For the kitchen: everything to simplify your holidays

Fresh products

How about fresh local produce delivered directly to your vacation spot? This will allow you to cook without having to worry about shopping. You save time and fully enjoy your stay.


If you don't like to cook or just don't feel like cooking, a home chef can do it. In addition to making local culinary specialties, he will be happy to share his country's recipes with you.


Thanks to this professional, you will be in your seasonal rental, as in a restaurant. Indeed, the butler will be responsible for orchestrating the coordination of the different trades, in all discretion. He is the link between the chef and the waiter, who will bring the plates directly to your table.

Restaurant concierge

During your vacation, you might want to eat local specialties on the terrace of a romantic inn? Or to taste international food that will please your children? But which establishment to choose? No need to panic: with a restaurant concierge, you don't have to search for the right place for hours. He will be in charge of selecting and reserving for you the restaurant which totally corresponds to your desires of the moment. It's that simple !

For the household: additional essential luxury service


Holidays are made for rest and not for having to do household chores. The cleaning service is an additional luxury service that should not be refused! Making the beds, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming and mopping up, doing the dishes or ironing, you don't have to worry about anything. Household chores shouldn't be a worry for you during your vacation. You have worked hard to have a relaxing vacation, as long as it is until the end, thanks to this service that will even save you from doing the end of rental cleaning.

For your children: because we also think of them

Traveling with the family is a real pleasure, but it creates certain constraints. So, so that you can fully enjoy your vacation, the Luxtop360 team has thought of everything.

Facilities for families

Taking a vacation with a baby can quickly turn out to be complicated: between the high chair, the cot, or the stroller, the equipment to be transported is numerous and above all bulky. So, if all this material is already there, the logistics of your trips and your stay become much simpler. Do not deprive yourself of a vacation for concerns of this nature, we have the solution!


During your stay, you may want to spend a romantic evening, or go out without the children. But you wonder if it will be possible ... Some luxury vacation rental owners offer babysitting service. You will be able to have a good time, knowing your children are in good hands.

For leisure: additional services that make the difference

Equipment rental

During vacation, you may want to practice golf, tennis, or another sport, but you do not necessarily have all the necessary equipment ... It is possible to rent certain equipment from the owners: talk to them to find out those he proposes. You will have plenty of time to indulge in your favorite sport during your stay, or why not, discover a new sport!

Touristic guide

You may be wondering why hire the services of a tour guide? There can be a thousand reasons: take a safari in Kenya, visit the most beautiful monuments in Paris, explore nature in Serbia or discover mythology through the ancient remains of Greece, etc. This professional will take you to the depths of the subject, allow you to explore unusual sites and talk to you about his lands with passion. In short, whether you are traveling anywhere in the world or traveling local , hiring a tour guide is a great way to experience a region or country.


What a pleasure to immerse yourself in a jacuzzi, after a long day of walking in nature or a stroll in the streets of a big city! Some luxury seasonal rentals presented on the Luxtop360 platform offer a private spa. So, as a couple, with friends or with family, it would be a shame to do without!

Now that you know all the additional luxury services available to you for your next vacation, all you have to do is make your choice and compose your ideal and totally personalized stay. Make your dream come true and don't wait any longer to book your future prestige rental on the Luxtop360 platform!