How to spend a luxury stay in Thailand?

How to spend a luxury stay in Thailand?

12January, 2021
For your next trip to Thailand, do you want top of the range, tailor-made, unique services and come home with your head filled with unforgettable memories? The Luxtop360 platform meets all your desires and anticipates the least of your desires. The owners of the prestigious accommodations featured on the site bend over backwards to make your vacation exceptional and unforgettable. So, don't wait any longer and find out how to have a luxury stay in Thailand.

The choice of your luxury Thai accommodation

Here we describe the type of luxury vacation rentals that you can book. Knowing that more than 200 housing units across the country are currently available on our website and that new developments continue to enrich the offer already offered. Remember to regularly consult our listings and if you own a high-end accommodation, do not hesitate to list your property !

What is fabulous in the land of smiles is that you will have the choice between villas by the sea, in the heart of the jungle, perched on a mountain and many more! Whether you come to spend a romantic holiday in Thailand or a family holiday with several children, you will inevitably find the ideal prestigious accommodation on the Luxtop360 platform.

In Koh Samui, a tourist hotspot, full of wonders to see, discover, for example, a 350 m² villa nestled in the jungle, which has won many awards for its exceptional design. It is equipped, among other things, with a magnificent infinity pool with ocean view, 4 bedrooms with private bathroom also enjoying a breathtaking view, and all this close to the main attractions of the island .

If you prefer the seaside, many accommodations are at your disposal, with only a few meters to cross to dive into the ocean. Most are villas with a huge living space, completely open to the outside and facing the beach, combining Thai style with clean contemporary lines. And if you travel in large numbers, you have prestigious accommodation over 2,000 m². A real luxury!

Another style, closer to nature, but just as exceptional: a villa leaning against the mountain and whose bathroom is carved into the rock, a real feat! Here, you can relax in this cozy nest (200 m² anyway). The construction and furniture are made of natural and traditional materials, reflecting a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

If you prefer hotels, comfortable suites are also available, especially in Phuket. This will allow you to visit the city quietly. Perfect for a romantic getaway in Thailand, they are equipped with everything you need. Outdoor swimming pool, gym, massage room, etc., complete the high-end services.

Not all rentals can be detailed here, but the common point of these prestigious accommodations is that they will all offer you unique and very high quality services.

Additional services for your luxury stay in Thailand

What makes the prestige of these rentals and makes them stand out are the luxury concierge services. Depending on the properties, you will have the choice between various top-of-the-range services, which will make your stay a true paradise holiday.

So, if you don't like driving, you can benefit from transfers from the airport to your accommodation and / or a private driver, during your entire stay. It will take you where you want, without having to worry about the route or finding a parking space.
Cooking is a chore for you? That's no problem, thanks to the private chef at home. And if you want to cook, but don't like shopping, you can have fresh local produce delivered right to your kitchen.
Moreover, if you opt for a cleaning lady, no more maintenance chores! You will be able to fully enjoy your luxury stay in Thailand.
For your entertainment, a tourist guide will be happy to let you know the surroundings and the best places to go. When the accommodation is on an island, a boat rental service is sometimes offered. Which is ideal for discovering Thailand differently!
If you are traveling with small children, many owners offer childcare equipment rentals, and even childcare. This will allow you to give yourself a little time between adults.
Finally, since vacation rhymes with relaxation, why not treat yourself to massage treatments or a spa afternoon?

Activities to do during your vacation in the land of smiles

Who says stay abroad, says places to visit, excursions, essential activities. In Thailand, you can discover Phuket, the floating markets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ayuttah and many other places! So, for a successful vacation, think about everything you are going to do while there.
Depending on the location of your accommodation, it will be more or less easy for you to go to one place or another. It is therefore important to think about it upstream.
But if you are not really the organized type, if you are lost in the many activities and you do not want to read all the famous paper tourist guides, do not panic! On site, you can benefit from the services of an in-person guide, who will accompany you to the must-see sites. Do not worry about anything: he plans the day for you, picks you up directly from your rental, takes you directly to the right places (knowing that he often knows places that you would not even know existed) and he will help you. bring back in the evening. We couldn't find it easier!
In addition, some home chefs (depending on the options offered by the owners), can give you local cooking lessons. Which is perfect for immersing yourself in the Thai atmosphere and learning more about this rich culture.
In addition, you can also read the article “What to do in Thailand? Top 7 must-see places and visits ” , which will give you lots of ideas for your next prestigious stay in Thailand.

Your decision is made: your holidays will be unique, relaxing and above all upscale! And in order to take full advantage of your loved ones and take care of nothing during your period of relaxation, our team is there to support you in the development of your luxury stay in Thailand. Your dream trip awaits you on the Luxtop360 platform!