Luxury travel | 7 reasons to be tempted by the top of the range

Luxury travel | 7 reasons to be tempted by the top of the range

07December, 2020
Whether at the end of the world or just a few hours by plane, experience high-end tourism. Perfection, elegance, unique experiences, sumptuous destinations are the very definition of prestigious rentals and additional services offered on our Luxtop360 platform. But why choose a luxury trip? Here we show you 7 good reasons to opt for an extraordinary vacation.

1 - A prestigious all-inclusive seasonal rental: it's possible!

A vacation rental is often synonymous with shopping, cooking and cleaning. But not always ! To avoid all these chores: rent a prestigious property and enjoy your next vacation, without having to worry about a thing. You can even combine all-inclusive and tailor-made. Indeed, on our platform, your stay is fully customizable, thanks to the many services offered by each owner. In addition to booking your property, you can choose optional services such as: concierge, home chef, cleaning staff, etc. With these, you will no longer have to worry about planning and cooking meals for the week or cleaning up during and at the end of your stay. If you don't plan on hiring a car there, but want to enjoy the surroundings and go on an excursion, why not take advantage of a private driver?
In short, luxury tourism offers many possibilities, so take advantage of them! So your vacation will really rhyme with relaxation.

2 - The luxury family trip is suitable for everyone

Opting for a luxury trip is the guarantee to please everyone, if you are going with your family. Each age group will find its place and enjoy the holidays in its own way.
If you go on holiday in the sun, the properties on offer very often have a swimming pool or close access to the beach, which will delight your children. They can also take advantage of certain equipment sometimes available, such as: ping-pong, billiards, or others.
Do you have a baby or toddler? Many rentals have childcare equipment, which will prevent you from moving all your equipment, which is sometimes cumbersome. In addition, enjoy moments of rest, thanks to the babysitting option offered by some owners.
Teenagers, for their part, will certainly find the tranquility they want (we know that young people like to have a place of their own). Indeed, many rentals available on Luxtop360 are spacious and allow each member of the family to have a personal room and spaces dedicated to each.
Finally, for you, parents, the house staff available as an option, will allow you to take care of certain household chores and spend special moments with your family.

3 - Luxury travel with a group or with friends: is this the ideal formula?

Planning a vacation with loved ones and wondering if a luxury vacation rental would be suitable? The answer is without a doubt: yes!
First of all, because there are many properties that can accommodate groups. Indeed, thanks to their surface areas and the sufficient number of rooms, you will find common living spaces, but also a bedroom for each person or couple.
Then, it will be an opportunity to live together and enjoy the facilities (swimming pool, spa, etc., if applicable), in peace, only between you. You will not have time constraints to go to lunch and have other meals, as sometimes imposed in certain tourist establishments. You will cook together, if you feel like it. And if cooking is a chore for you, you can choose to hire the services of a cook, depending on the options offered.
Your vacation in community, in a dream setting, will allow you to create unforgettable memories.

4 - Honeymoon: the perfect time to indulge yourself and taste luxury

If there is an occasion in your life to live a unique experience, it is for your honeymoon! You are surely dreaming of luxury, top-of-the-range services, but above all privacy, with your other half. Do not hesitate and book the exceptional property that will make your honeymoon magical and memorable.
Your stay can be completely personalized, with staff taking care of you. Browse our Luxtop306 interface: you will have the opportunity to choose a heavenly place, which will meet your desires and above all where you will feel alone in the world. Whether you want an apartment in the heart of Paris, the city of lovers, a splendid lodge in Zambia, nestled in nature or a dream villa in Mykonos, everything is done so that you can have an idyllic honeymoon.

5 - opt for a high-end cultural trip

Do you enjoy being close to the locals, discovering the customs of a country and immersing yourself in the local culture, when you travel? So why not combine luxury travel with culture? High-end tourism is not incompatible with sustainable tourism, on the contrary! On our platform, you can find exceptional properties, close to the must-see places in a region.
You will have the option of hiring a tour guide, who will take you where you would not have gone on your own. You will meet the people, learn more about their way of life. It will also take you directly to the cultural sites that must be visited. He will tell you the history of these places, the legends and anecdotes, which you will not find in any tourist manual.
Knowledge of a country and its culture also involves food. So, if the option of a chef is offered by the owner of your rental, let yourself be tempted, you will not regret it! He will give you local cooking lessons, making you discover the local products and the culinary techniques specific to his country. It is the ideal activity to immerse yourself in a place!

6 - Luxury seasonal rental via our platform offers you optimal guarantees

In addition to the many services already mentioned, renting a property on a luxury platform like ours is the pledge of essential guarantees such as:
  • security: before a rental appears on our interface, we make sure that you will not be the victim of any scam. We talk to the owner beforehand: we check that it is not a false profile and that the person is indeed the owner of the property. So you can rent with confidence, you won't have any bad surprises;
  • compliance with hygiene standards: we are attentive to your health, all the more so with the Covid-19 pandemic. We guarantee that all preventive measures are applied in terms of disinfection of the premises and its equipment. You don't have to worry about it, so you can book with peace of mind.

7 - Luxury travel can be unusual

Choosing a high-end trip means wanting to think outside the box, touch the exceptional and offer yourself originality. So how about spending your next vacation on a private yacht, in an artist's studio, in a roof-top villa with heated pool and hydromassage system from where you will have a magnificent view of the city? Or would you prefer a property with a tennis court, mini-golf and spa to pass the time?
All this is possible with the prestigious rentals that we offer. Browse our ads and let your imagination run wild to prepare your dream vacation. You will inevitably find the property you are looking for, to discover new unforgettable experiences!

There are a thousand ways to get away from luxury travel. It is the guarantee of a vacation that will remain engraved in your memory. If you are looking for your next luxury rental, there is no doubt that you will find it on the Luxtop360 platform. And if you own an exceptional property, do not hesitate to register it for free on our interface. It's very simple and you have many advantages in doing it!