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Do you wish to increase your rental income, without constraints? The Luxtop360 platform allows you to advertise your high-end property to a targeted clientele. Indeed, travelers who come to our platform are not there by chance: they are looking for exceptional properties, like yours. To publish your ad, nothing could be easier!

How does it work ?

  • Fill in the registration form: It’s free of charge and without obligation. You don't waste any time: it only takes a few minutes to register on our platform.
  • Create your ad: Describe your high-end property in detail and add photos that depict what makes your property so remarkable and unique.
  • Set the price of your accommodation per night, and publish your luxury vacation rental ad in just a few clicks.
  • The Luxtop360 platform then takes care of presenting your ad to a targeted clientele of travelers looking for a high-end property in your area.
  • You don't need to worry about anything: by using our platform, you can earn money easily! Only a 13% commission is applied to confirmed bookings.

Why register your property on our platform?

By trusting Luxtop360, you benefit from personalized services, designed and conceived for you. Services that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Free and non-binding registration

    Registering your high-end property on our platform is both simple and free: no registration fee, no subscription. You can manage your ad as you please.

  • A commission only applies to confirmed reservations

    When the traveler finalizes the booking, we collect a 13% commission and transfer the remaining amount to your bank account. These are the only fees applied to the transaction.

  • Enjoy the automatic translation of your ad and messaging

    This innovative service will make your life so much easier. You no longer need to speak several languages to communicate with travelers around the world! Your ad and messages are automatically translated into multiple languages so that they can be understood by your potential clients. You are thus guaranteed to maintain contact with your future tenants, without any language barrier.

  • The synchronization of your booking calendars

    Is your luxury vacation rental also featured on other booking platforms such as Booking or Airbnb? To help you avoid getting a headache while managing different platforms, Luxtop360 enables you to synchronize your calendars. Say goodbye to the risk of overbooking!

  • Additional services to set you apart from other owners

    A prestigious rental goes hand in hand with top-of-the-range services. So why not offer your guests additional personalized services, the ones that are bound to make a difference? Private driver, chef, cleaning lady, tour guide, and other professionals will delight your guests! Luxtop360 allows you to include many services to your ad, without additional commission, by collecting payment directly from your tenants.

  • Personalized support at all times

    With Luxtop360, you are free to manage the rental of your exceptional property autonomously, but you are not alone! Should you experience the slightest difficulty, you can contact us by e-mail 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are available to assist you at all times.

Increase your rental income thanks to the intuitive Luxtop360 platform. Your exceptional property will be seen and promoted to all travelers around the world. Don't waste any more time: earn money quickly by publishing your ad!

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Better than a long speech, our homeowners speak

  • “Simple and efficient”
    Luxtop 360 allowed me to post my ad in a few minutes. Simple and efficient !
  • “Listening to my needs”
    Customer service is really attentive to my needs. The platform is evolving very quickly.
  • “Cheaper”
    Luxtop 360 is cheaper than its competitors for the same quality of service. Why not use it?