Luxtop360 platform: your satisfaction is our passion

Our story begins with this quote by Alfred Hitchcock: Life is not just about breathing. It is also about being breathless. These two sentences sum up the concept of Luxtop360. Through our luxury services, we allow you to experience a unique and memorable stay.

The origins of the Luxtop360 platform

Have you ever dreamed of entering a place and being blown away by its beauty? This is what we have imagined for you. The Luxtop360 platform was born out of our passion for high-end, exceptional services. We aim to connect travelers in search of prestigious vacation rentals with high-end property owners. But that’s not all: we offer additional services to satisfy you and make your stay idyllic.

Services you won’t find anywhere else

Prestigious villas, atypical apartments, luxury yachts: we offer luxury rentals all over the world in exceptional locations. With meticulous attention to detail, we have thought of everything. This is why we choose to provide a range of additional exclusive services to our clients. Calendar synchronization for owners, 24/7 assistance, automatic translation of announcements and messages: the platform is designed to simplify your transactions as much as possible. Not to mention the luxury services that will only enhance your trips, such as a concierge, private chauffeur, home chef, tour guide, and more.

We help you experience a unique, fully personalized upmarket vacation. Our goal? Allow you to discover the most prestigious properties and enjoy unmatched professional services.

Our team

  • Natacha Jovanovic
    Founder and CEO
  • Jean-René Favre
    IT Development Director
  • Vijay Kumar
    Sales and Partnerships Manager - Hosting Services
  • Luka Jovanovic
    Operations Manager
  • Arun Ankesh Syal
    Head of Sales and Customer Service
  • Natasa Sreckovic
    Responsible for the communication
  • Marija Ilic
    Regional Sales Manager for the Balkan region
  • Guillaume GOMES
    Commercial Director Hosting Services France